At Knorke you can not only sit comfortably, eat and drink delicious food, but also enjoy art. In our changing exhibitions you will find original works of art by well-known and lesser-known artists. Of course you can also buy all the works on display. Just ask our team.
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Current: Frank OTTO Henze

He was born in Berlin – Friedrichshain in 1958.

“Initially worked for the railroad until he was no longer wanted.
He then worked in various clubs until he could do no more.
Self-control for a while, in the army and then ended up in the theater.
Since 1989 on stage at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, as stage technician, theater master, stage inspector and then quit after more than 40 years because he saw everything twice.
The pictures are not paintings, they were the mental balance and the temporal calming and are today memories of the guest performance trips or of an extremely exciting time.”

His pictures have been hanging here since January 7, 2024.

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